What Causes it?
Scabies are caused by an 4mm long creature that is round with eight legs.These eight legged creatures are attracted to warm areas of the skin such as the arm pit, the creases in between the cracks of your finger, the scalp(like lice), and other warm areas of the skin that are covered. When on the skin these creature like to reproduce, lay eggs(which cause the bumps) and feed off the skin (which causes the itching and the scratching and irratation). Many doctor's refer this diesease as an STD because not only is it contact to contact spread it can also spread from sexual intercourse.
*The insects that cause scabies go deep into the skin and lay eggs inside little pencil lead like burrows. Then in about 21 days eggs will mature. Itching is an allergic response to the chemical secreted by the bugs.
What does it look like?






What age range does scabies most affect?
All age groups can develope the disease scabies, but it is most common for young childern and elderly people to get it.

  • Itching especially at night(keep you from sleeping)
  • Rashes
  • Thin pencil like marks on the skin
  • Hives
  • Red sores with pustule
  • Pimples
*If NOT treated the bacterial infection can turn into zecurrence which cause the skin to get extra crusty and scaly.

Head to toe examination
*Doctor's will also painlessly scrape some of your skin to see if the bugs spread rapidily throughout the skin. With that information, they can predicit how bad and how long you had the disease.

Could Scabies be fatal?
Scabies aren't really fatal but if someone intensively itches the scars, sores, and/or bumps , etc...that can cause a secondary skin infection called impetigo that can cause you to die if not treated with intensive care.

How do I treat scabies if I have them?
Prescription medicine creams perscribed by a doctor such as permethrin,benzyl benzoate,lindan are used to get rid of scaby bugs.
If your symptomes are real bad, some health care providers may also prescribe medication taken by mouth to kill the scaby bugs such as Ivermectin and sometimes the doctor may recommend an oral antihistamine.
*Itching might continue after treatment begins, but will go away if you follow the doctor's treatment plan. Itching can be calmed by taking cool soaks in the bath tub and rubbing calamine lotion all over the body.

If I don't have money to go to the doctor, is there anything around the house that could help me get rid of Scabies?
If you do not have no money to go to the doctor, you can use petrolatum jelly (sulfur in it helps kill scaby bugs) to get rid of the scaby bugs.Also there is an oil that you can rub on your sores that will relieve some of the stress of irratation and itching, it also get rid of some of the redness and swelling.
How does Scabies affect organs and or systems?
Scabies only affects the Integurmentary System(skin). It never passes the dermis.

"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""To prevent.... STAY AWAY from infected person""""""""""""""""'""""""""""""""
  1. Did you know that Scabies is an STD similar to a cold sore.
  2. Did you know that someone can have scabies for 2 years or more and not have any signs of the dieases or symptoms.
  1. What are some of the symptoms caused by Scabies?
  2. Name one of the creams that could be used to get rid of Scabies?
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